Noon Hour Update: Pot garden cut down near Colfax; election scams; Walmart site protest and a new RV park

What’s happening and what we’re working on
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Welcome to the Auburn Journal’s “Noon Hour Update,” where we’ll present you with stories and updates on what’s going on in the news and what we’re working on for our Sunday and online editions.

Sheriff’s Office cuts down pot plants: A large marijuana garden, featuring 16,721 plants near Colfax, was spotted and cut down on Wednesday. Read our report here.

What we’re working on: Scammers use any new event to try to get money from people. As we get closer to November, they’re now focusing on the election. Reporter Gus Thomson will have a story on these scams and he will also have an election story on more candidates running for office this fall, including a high school student.

Gus will also have a story on the Alliance for the Protection of the Auburn Community Environment group’s Saturday protest highlighting the potential toxic issues at the proposed Walmart building site.

One of Auburn’s local Santas, Hawkeye Sharpe, has passed on and Gus will have a piece on the man and his contributions to the community.

Auburn restaurant Dingus McGees may soon have an RV park on its property as well. Reporter Amber Marra looks into the process for the possible development.

An agreement has been reached by the Auburn State Recreation Area and the Climbing Resource Advocates for Greater Sacramento to lift a nine-year ban on rock climbing at the Cave Valley Climbing Area (the “Auburn Quarry”). Amber will have a story on this and what the next steps are.

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