Noon Hour Update: Record Store Day in Auburn, Media Life, city council emails and Clint Eastwood

What's happening and what we're working on
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Welcome to the Auburn Journal's "Noon Hour Update," where we'll present you with stories and updates on what's going on in the news and what we're working on for our Friday edition.

What we're working on: Don't like buying your music online? Still like going into the brick and mortar store to get your selections? Then you better get out Saturday, April 21 for Record Store Day. Reporter Gus Thomson will have a story on Record Store Day and will talk to Al Lauer, owner of Downtown Auburn's Cherry Records.
In Gus' column, Media Life, he'll explore some of the Auburn mentions found in classic best sellers and from notable authors.

Reporter Sara Seyydin is working on a story regarding Victoria Connolly's request for Auburn City Council emails in connection with the charter city initiative, Measure A.

Do you feel like a movie? Well do you?: In the mood for a Clint Eastwood flick? Well you're in luck, the Auburn State Theater will be hosting its Clint Eastwood film festival April 27-29. Journal Features Editor Krissi Khokhobashvili will have a preview on the event in Arts and Entertainment.

What you're talking about: In Opinion several topics have been getting the interest and opinions of readers. The most read letter to the editor so far today has been "USA has taken strange turn", and "Deputies supply real security" has received plenty of views, too. Read these and others and share your thoughts.

What's happening in your area?: Have news going on where you are? Let us know, email us photos or information