Noon Hour Update: What's happening and what we're working on

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Welcome to the Auburn Journal's "Noon Hour Update," where we'll present you with stories and updates on what's going on in the news and what we're working on for our Friday edition.

What we're working on: We're heading down to Rocklin today where reporter Sara Seyydin will be getting up close with the Roadtrip Nation RV. The program, housed in a bright green recreational vehicle, travels throughout the country meeting college students and encouraging them to go out into their communities and do positive work. Today the RV drops anchor at Sierra College, Sara will have a story on what the program is all about.

Reporter Gus Thomson will be heading into Nevada County today to cover the hearing on the senior community development, Rincon Del Rio. Along with hearing coverage, Gus will also touch base on Placer County Museums' "What the Heck is That?" exhibit, highlight former Hillman sports start Ola Murchison, who was featured recently in the Dallas Cowboys Star Magazine and much, much more.

What you're talking about: The unfortunate wreck on Indian Hills Road, "One dead in crash on Indian Hill Road in Newcastle" has garnered a lot of views and comments so far today. The man killed in the wreck has now been identified here. And in our Opinion section, the letter "Disregard that mean-spirited missive" is our most read so far today and is receiving comments as well. Also prompting debate is the letter titled "Republican men a step backward." Read these and others and weigh in today in the comments section, or send us a letter to the editor at

A little music of the Irish for you?: Journal Features editor Krissi Khokhobashvili will have a story on upcoming Celtic concerts in the area as St. Patrick's Day approaches, and she will also have a piece about how Auburn Community TV will live broadcast former Auburn Symphony conductor Michael Goodwin's memorial concert.