Noon Hour Update: Will Walmart come to Auburn? Oldest Placer County voter, foothill alpacas and riding for veterans

What's happening and what we're working on
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Welcome to the Auburn Journal's "Noon Hour Update," where we'll present you with stories and updates on what's going on in the news and what we're working on for our Sunday and Monday editions.

What we're working on: Reporter Gus Thomson is writing a piece updating the status of Wal-Mart Stores Inc. setting up shop here in the Auburn area. Gus has also discovered the age of the oldest voter in Placer County - take a guess and see if you're close this weekend.

Reporter Sara Seyydin is covering the Measure A issue over Auburn becoming a charter city. She will also be brining you a story about a group of veterans riding their motorcycles cross county to raise awareness of veterans' issues.
This weekend we're launching our series on agriculture in the foothills. Journal

Features Editor Krissi Khokhobashvili visits a local alpaca farm and shares the farmer's story. Get up close and personal with these furry, four-legged animals in our video segment.

Mega Millions fever spreading: Bought your tickets already? Heading out today to get them before the drawing? If you're out and about and you see a some crazy lines waiting to buy tickets, click a photo and send it our way at

What you're talking about: In Opinion, the letter "Down with downtown party-poopers" is our most read so far today, and it has brought in your comments. Our story "What kind of statement are Auburn hoodie wearers making" has received plenty of responses so far today. Check out that story and share your thoughts on the clothing and the situation in Florida.