North built up our symphony

Reader Input
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We will always be honored that Janet North was a moving force in the development of the Auburn Symphony from a struggling orchestra to one of the best community symphonies in the United States. (See Funeral Notice, page A7.) In the annals of our organization we have seen many milestones and truly the tireless involvement of Janet was one of these events. Her impact was felt not only when she was in a direct leadership position as president from 1997 to 2000, but in the years since. On Saturday, we will have our free Symphony in the Park event that was inspired by Janet as a way for the symphony to give back to our community. I hope you will honor Janet by attending this fabulous musical event. We will all miss her involvement in the symphony and the boundless inspiration she demonstrated to all she met. As president, it has always been my pleasure to greet Janet and Bill as they entered the Placer High School Auditorium for our Sunday concerts. She leaves a legacy of service to our community and to the music she loved. Her performance will be hard to beat. Bill Kenney, president, Auburn Symphony