Nostalgia is fun, but history is filled with good and bad

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Regarding the Pullans’ letter, Your views, July 8, I indeed like the recommendations about not using plastic, planting a garden, and entertaining, enjoying yourselves. Absolutely! However, it’s not often a choice whether mothers and/or fathers have to work today. Even so, many families still work hard to accomplish the activities and satisfaction you advise. There are always hard times and good times concurrently throughout history. For instance, let’s reminisce about those idyllic, pleasant 1950s. Sure the modern middle class started coming of age then. But how about those Red Scare old days, when grade schoolers practiced sitting under a desk in case of nuclear attack, McCarthy, Korean War, DDT, polio, black and white television. Now I’m getting depressed. Must take a breath. Oh, and minorities were segregated, women weren’t out trying to get careers, you could kill a commie and no one would care, and gays didn’t exist. How about those repressed old days? And heaven forbid, nobody ever tried to outsmart teachers or the police — crime free! And the 1940s were just perfect, let me tell you, a perfect time! Don’t get me started. Nostalgia can be fun and, of course, there were good times. But I don’t know of any period that had a monopoly on values, family, happiness or prosperity for all. The good and the bad all live simultaneously in any historical period. It all depends on who, what and where you are at any given point in time. Andrew Wright Auburn