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Not much after-hours attraction

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At this point, with the exception of the bars and restaurants, there is very little to attract people to Downtown after hours. For the bars and restaurants to thrive, there needs to be after-hours entertainment both for adults and families. In-restaurant entertainment as offered by the Club Car, Pistol Pete’s and sometimes the 160 Club, is nice, but not family-directed. The State Theater will have a place, but something needs to be added at the top of Lincoln Way. Once these businesses are secure, foot traffic will drive increased sales if the businesses located there are attractive to customers. Related to the downtown area is the Elmwood Motel. While its appearance has been improved, it still does nothing to attract people to the area. With the movement of Highway 49 to Elm, the corner there is too sharp and perhaps it is time to see if the City can put the funds together to buy the property, remove the structure, round out the corner to improve traffic flow and sell the remaining land. Tying together the Downtown and Old Town areas will be difficult, if not impossible, given the geography and distance. I would suggest, instead, improving the area from the present 49/Lincoln Way intersection to the Lincoln/High Street area, and coming up with better, more visible signage directing people to the two districts and related parking areas. The rest will be up to businesses and their customers to see what will work to keep the districts healthy. william clough, Auburn