Not much gets past Auburnites

Reader Input
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Home rule is allowed by the state constitution. It does not change the basic laws within which the city has to do business. It does allow for those that are elected to our city council to have control over municipal affairs. Auburn, being the size it is, with its enlightened citizenry, won?t become a Vallejo or Bell. To believe differently is disingenuous. The no (on Measure A) people seemed to think the citizens are either stupid or ignorant; that is what has gotten other venues in trouble. Auburn is a proactive community, not much gets past us. The no group has good people that were elected to city office. They seem to find that those that have been elected since, don?t have the same community interests in mind. I find that appalling. Grass Valley has had a charter since 1951. What ghastly problems have they created that are due to charter status and would not have been available under general city law? None that I can find. Vote Yes on Measure A. Mike Monahan, Auburn