Not perfect, but things getting better

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As the economic, DoD, and political climates change, some things are abundantly clear. The economy, while jobless issues are still a concern, has clearly turned the corner, with the unemployment rate dropping, the housing debacle being addressed, shady Wall Street machinations being investigated and prosecuted. The auto industry has turned the corner and presented a delayed Christmas present to Michigan, for they are currently running a small budget surplus for the first time in years. Bottom economic line, as painful as TARP was, it was a necessary evil and improving tax revenues will escalate exponentially. It’s the primary way that the budget deficit can be addressed! Certainly budgetary restraint, to include tax reform and entitlements need to be responsibly addressed, not eliminated. By the way, health care costs were sky rocketing long before the “so called” Obamacare was passed, and like it or not, it’s the only way to keep the insurance companies from gouging us. Nothing’s perfect, but these issues do need to be addressed with a “can do” legislative attitude from both sides. Geary C. Tiffany, Auburn