This is not a studio backlot

Reader Input
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The whole slew of other unattended, unrepaired, un-maintained dilapidated pre-World War II buildings. One lot in-between the old buildings is vacant. It is flat and is most definitely the site of a demolished set of buildings. A couple trees that hadn’t been taken out stand shivering in the wind. Trembling on the edge of the empty lots the old cinder block buildings stand in proof of a long forgotten past. The buildings will be demolished and forgotten just like the history and stories that go along with them. The place I write of is a real place. A place movie directors have to use sets to recreate for the lack of such buildings. These buildings are none other than Auburn’s own DeWitt, a name rarely used anymore. The planning department is planning these handsome historical buildings out. They are planning to take these buildings out. Along with wasting money they are taking out the history and the stories that go along with them. DeWitt buildings may not be trend or be something found on MTV but they are buildings that should not be taken out. Soon there will be nothing left of Auburn. Soon there will be nothing to set Auburn apart from the countless, nameless, endless suburbia. Soon Auburn will just slip right into the endless sea of Sacramento’s suburb. Not a small town Auburn will be just another city. Endless concrete, endless black top, endless roof tops, endless crime, the gold country will be buried 6 feet under the on coming city. Sabrina Hocking, Auburn