Not too late to rescue our trees

Reader Input
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In regards to the new Streetscape: It is a beautiful idea. It will beautify our community and upgrade our appearance tremendously. I am sure that it will also attract people and business into Downtown again. The negative effect of what this is doing is destroying the historical beauty of our town. In the plans it shows all of the added beautifications, the fountains, seating, plants, trees and a live Christmas tree. What it does not mention is that the city and public works are cutting down all of our beautiful trees along the streets. These trees have been here longer than some of the buildings and businesses. We know in fact that these trees can be preserved by pruning the trees and trimming the root systems. What are they going to do? Replace them with small new trees, ones that do not provide beauty, oxygen and shade for people to enjoy. Then, in 20 to 50 years, are these going to be cut down? I myself would rather be in a town full of large old trees that have been preserved and enjoyed for many years. It is the character of this town. It would be nice to be part of a community that cares and preserves the heritage of their town, and the trees are a huge part of it. Many may say this is all in the name of progress. Well, many of us also say, progress destroys our environment and historical value. Why are we wasting time and money by cutting down the old and replacing with new? Care for what we have! Save our trees. Let’s do something to stop this. The plans can be changed. Barbara Voges, Auburn