Now is Auburn’s ‘look in the mirror’ moment

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As I was finishing the front page article about the dire financial situation of the Auburn Union School District (Journal, March 26), I couldn’t help noticing the story on the adjacent page titled “Auburn kitchen gets ‘his and her’ makeover.” I mean absolutely no offense to the Hays family, but I find it ironic that in the fine town of Auburn our teachers are scared for their livelihood, our children continue to suffer from extreme budget cuts that eliminate critical programs and all levels of suffering are clearly visible in every direction we turn. Yet the fortunate among us have the luxury of a custom-built (for two!) kitchen with his-and-her sinks, dishwashers, countertops and pantries to make for the ultimate party house! I am just mystified at times by our culture and our community, the haves and the have-nots, the choices people make and the causes they support. Again, I am not singling out this family in any way (for all I know they are top donors to the Auburn Education Foundation and huge community advocates). I truly wish we could all come together to embrace our community and work together to make Auburn the best place it can be for all people. We need to take a good look in the mirror and ask ourselves — “Have I done all I can to help my community today?” Anne Brown Auburn