Now California imports pitbulls

Reader Input
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I can’t believe what I just read. There is an organization in Sacramento that has received over two dozen pitbulls from a dog-fighting ring in Missouri. Isn’t there any other state that could have taken the dogs? Why California? We can’t even meet our state/county/city budgets, help seniors, help schools, but we have the money to take more pitbulls. This is insane! The article mentioned that the animal shelters are full of pitbulls. Why? Duh. After all the letters in the Journal about our local issue, one would think people would be concerned about this danger. Who would want to adopt a pitbull that was raised in a dog-fighting ring? Are we waiting until someone is killed? Yes, I know there are probably some sweet and docile pitbulls – but that has not been what we are reading about. My neighborhood has had two (that I know of) pitbull incidents. Some neighbors won’t even walk in the neighborhood. Why is a dog’s life more important than a human’s? JEANETTE KLEBOFSKI, Auburn