NRA provides valuable service

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Since the tragedy at Newtown, several letters/viewpoints have been published, that maligned firearms and the NRA. This lack of knowledge, improper facts and repeating the anti-gun propaganda only leads to misinformation, which fuels unfounded anti-gun rhetoric.
People do not run around with “automatic” weapons as they are not common and have very strict federal ownership controls. Criminals will always have access to guns; the right-to-carry law has reduced crime in every state that has adopted the regulation.
Our government broke numerous laws during the “Fast & Furious” program, allowing guns to be sold to drug dealers, criminals and gang members: Where was the public outrage then?
In 2010, 14,748 people were murdered by firearms — a decrease of 4.2 percent. During that same year, traffic accidents killed 32,367 people, abortions took 784,507 lives and suicides took 38,364 lives. What do we ban to solve those statistics?
Gun-free school zones, assault-weapon bans, outlawing high-capacity magazines does not and will not work. We need to strictly enforce the laws we have on the books, not pass more “feel good” legislation.
The NRA is a friend to all gun owners, hunters and shooting enthusiasts and has protected gun ownership and our Second Amendment rights for more than 100 years. It is no different than labor unions and other organizations that protect the rights of individuals. The NRA spends millions of dollars supporting firearm safety, shooting and hunting programs for its members and the public. The organization support everyone law-biding citizen’s right to own firearms.
Ripley Lake, Auburn