Number of rescue groups highlights cat overpopulation

By: Jenifer Gee Journal News Editor
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Furry felines have many friends in the Auburn area these days. In fact, there are currently at least five rescue groups in the foothills region alone that all work to house and hopefully adopt out the homeless cat population in the area. Many of the groups volunteers and leaders says the number of groups all working toward the same goal highlights the overabundance and “irresponsible” overpopulation of cats in and around Auburn. “You just hope year after year that things will get better and there will be less homeless animals, less litters of kittens, being brought in,” said Lucille McKevitt, president of the Animal Area Rescue Foundation. “It’s an irresponsible thing to let happen.” Leilani Vierra, CEO of the Placer Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, said the nonprofit organization has plans to expand their adoption services to the foothills area and other parts of the county. “We’re looking at Auburn and Lincoln and surrounding communities,” Vierra said. “Being physically located in Roseville has its limitations.” The Placer SPCA moved from Auburn to its current Roseville location a little more than 10 years ago because the nonprofit found a space that fit its needs. Now, Vierra said the board is looking at establishing a satellite adoption center. “We need to move out of the South Placer region,” Vierra said. “Naturally up in the foothills a center would make sense.” This week Weimar resident Nicole Artim took her children Christopher, 10, and Lizzie, 8, to the Auburn Area Animal Rescue Foundation’s shelter to pick out two kittens to take home. Artim said she researched several adoption places including the county’s shelter. Artim said she chose the foundation because of she had friends who had adopted from their shelter before. “We want to help these guys out,” Artim said. “They take real good care of their pets and they rescue pets from the pound.” Vierra said having multiple groups all working to rescue animals is a positive effort for the community. “I’m grateful for the other organizations that can house and adopt animals as they can,” Vierra said. “The Placer SPCA is the largest sheltering organization in this county and right now especially we don’t have the physical space. If those organizations weren’t there, I would be concerned as to who we would respond (to the need).” Vierra said she can understand how having multiple shelters and rescue centers in one area can be confusing to the general public. She said those looking to donate or volunteer to a rescue center or shelter should review the groups 990 tax forms and meet with the volunteer coordinator to get to know the center. Reach Jenifer Gee at ---------- What to help a homeless citter? These groups in the Auburn area take in and adopt out pets - Auburn Area Animal Rescue Foundation, (530) 887-5577 - Friends of Placer County Animal Shelter, (530) 887-5520 - Friends Forever A Cat Sanctuary, (530) 885-4228 - Angels Rescuing Kritters, (530) 637-4635 - A New Hope Animal Foundation, (916) 652-4164 ----------