Obama’s planned retreat from Iraq will humiliate U.S. soldiers

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Sen. Barack Hussein Obama’s planned retreat from Iraq shows how much he wants to humiliate our soldiers who died fighting to defeat terrorism in that land. If Obama is elected, we must not forget that in America something has gone wrong. We may be electing an individual who is supposed to hold a position of great responsibility, to make decisions in America’s best interest “only.” If elected, it will be a punishment for our stupidity and we will pay a higher price in our future. Like becoming a welfare country, a land that will pay for his neighbor’s health care by raising taxes that actually decrease revenues to our federal government. Like Hillary Rodham Clinton, Obama has a heavy luggage to carry. Her husband and brother for Mother Hillary and, for Obama, Michelle, his wife, their preachers and racists followers. In their favor, they have the media that seems to have adopted them and only sees and reports what they want to see, and forgets that partisanship, race or color of skin has no place in doing the right thing. Also if our curse becomes reality, America will be the first country in the world with a majority of children born out of wedlock, making it harder for them to succeed in education. Children raised without parents in the home to guide them often fail one way or another becoming a (citizen) with no future for them. America needs a leader Newt Gingrich style who always knew where he stood and said what he thought was the truth, even if it hurt our liberals. Lets think before we vote. Fritz Gosalvez Auburn