Obama’s policies are very leftist

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Are politics and leprosy working hand in hand in our country to destroy us? The way (Barack Obama) is acting, it looks like he is becoming a representative of communist dictator Hugo Chavez, promoting his blasphemy book. I also have a question for our blind liberals. Did you guys elect an American president, or a political neophyte who honors people that do not deserve it? Because that is what he is doing. I believe I have the right to bring this up by complying with our laws, so I can have a voice in the embarrassment of mishandling affairs of our country by a political mafia that is destroying our faith in what is left of political honesty in America and by changing names from liberal flu to Swine flu that has become now. The real change that you have adopted is 100 percent the social communist platform that only supports the poor. Lately we have descended into a country of ignorance, greed and political immorality, which will destroy our country. If conservative Americans had the courage to express their convictions, things would be different. FRITZ GOSALVEZ, Auburn