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Obama’s in office, now be happy and move on

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OK, Jack (L. Sanchez, Your Views, Jan. 22). Just exactly what would make you happy? As a dedicated independent, I didn’t vote for the Democratic candidate. But now, he is our president and I’m impressed with what he’s trying to do. I believe your energies would be better spent supporting our current administration and being just a little positive. Crimes? Trials? Only someone who’s never actually had to get their own hands dirty would suggest such a thing. While you were busy trying to help a few fish (a worthwhile objective on its own), people like Bush, Obama, McCain and Biden have had some pithier issues to deal with. I know. Why don’t you dig up Abraham Lincoln and try him for suspending habeas corpus during the Civil War? One of the truly great things about America is that every opinion can be expressed, even stupid ones. Come on, you got your way. Try being just a little happy about it. Rich De Shon Auburn