Obama born a dual citizen

Reader Input
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While Mr. Obama may have been born in Hawaii he may not fit the definition of a natural-born citizen. Our Constitution states “natural-born citizens are those born in the country, of parents who are citizens and not subject to any foreign power.” Notice it said “parents.” I assume that means both mother and father. Barack Obama’s father was not a citizen, he was a British subject, making Barack Obama also a British subject at birth under British law. Mr. Obama was born a dual citizen. Therefore he was born a citizen but not a natural-born citizen as defined in our Constitution.   We may never know why Mr. Obama is hiding all his birth records and college records but he has something to hide. The Supreme Court should intervene and force him to show he is eligible. If he is illegally holding the office of president he should be removed and those responsible for his being placed on the ballot punished for perjury and fraud.  Bob Velon, Penryn