Obama: bought and paid for

Reader Input
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You liberals should really get your facts straight about Obama. This guy is a masterful liar and hypocrite. Just remember how he called the Wall Street financiers “fat cats,” then invites them to a $38,000-a-plate dinner to stuff his re-election coffers with. Not all of the invitees showed up, to their credit. He is bought and paid for by Goldman Saks and George Soros and that ain’t no lie. Now he is claiming that he wants to lower tax rates for American overseas businesses to come back to the U.S.A. so that more jobs will be created. Sorry, the Republicans beat him to that one, but he will try to take the credit for it, and the liberal media will help him do it. I have to tell you it really upsets me how you people can justify destroying the free enterprise system like “Occupiers” want to do. If it wasn’t for capitalism, small businesses would never become big businesses to provide jobs for the unemployed. Are you all smart enough to know that capitalism is what supports the government? The government doesn’t contribute anything to the GNP and it doesn’t support itself except through the money it takes from hard-working free enterprise workers. Go ahead and think about it while you are watching Jimmy Kimmel for your news source. As far as being my kind of American, I don’t have to support Obama just because he is the First Tyrant. Has he ever released any of his college papers for the public to read? He has all of his college papers locked up tighter than a drum. Gosh, I wonder why. I am an American veteran and I served in Vietnam. I would like to ask what sacrifices this president has made to deserve to be president. From everything I have read, he was the beneficiary of government programs that I helped to pay for. Thomas Mann, Auburn