Obama earned second term

Reader Input
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In spite of Dale Smith’s letter to the editor in the Jan. 27 Auburn Journal (“Obama fails in every conceivable way), Ginny and I continue to believe that our President Obama is a great and compassionate man. We continue in our intention to vote for him for a second term! He most certainly will be our person of choice! We believe that Dale Smith’s sole purpose is to derail a second term, and is so because Dale is no doubt a Republican bent on his purpose of replacing President Obama. We believe that President Obama has shown us his true colors, and that will be sufficient to re-elect him. Hope you will understand this too, and that you also will vote for him when the time comes. Please remember, President Obama does truly believe in peace for our world, and he is truly a learned speech maker and he is a very intelligent man! Bob and Ginny Mock, retired public school teachers, Auburn