Obama is ineffective

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Do I detect dissension within the ranks of “change?” Are there cracks in the “hope” so confidently thrown up during the last election? Candidate Obama was very vague about how he’d accomplish “hope and change” but trumpeted promises. He vowed not to allow lobbyists into his administration. Not only have lobbyists been appointed, a tax-cheat is now in charge of our treasury and taxes. Several others have backed out of administration jobs for the same offense. Doesn’t sound like “change” to me. After massive, unprecedented corporate welfare given to the richest in the country, Congress is finding that even with a supermajority, universal medical care may be out of reach. Is President Obama finally finding out that actually doing what he promised is vastly different than glibly opening his mouth and making promises? While stumbling through the presidency making a worldwide apology tour, he’s coming up on the point where nothing more can be blamed on the Bush White House. If President Bush could be blamed for allowing 9/11 to happen, then President Obama shoulders the same level of responsibility. Welcome to the real world, Mr. President. I hope you can do better in the future than how you began. Rocky Warren, Colfax