Obama investigation raises questions

Reader Input
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I just read the front-page article in the May 9, 2012 Auburn Journal titled “Locals ask Sheriff to investigate Obama.”
The article certainly raises more questions than just the one about the president’s citizenship.
First of all, I wonder if the sponsors of this investigation are getting enough sleep. Good sleep is important to clear away the troubling thoughts of the day.
Then I wonder if this article really deserved front-page status. Editorial opinions should be labeled as such and should reside in the middle of the paper.
This article also brings to question the viability of the Republican Party.
Any organization with all the resources you could ever dream of should be able to stop an illegal from becoming president.
I guess confidence is low in Mitt Romney’s ability to dethrone the illegal president or we would just wait six months to get the job done.
Surely there must be something more constructive to do than beat this dead horse, dead horse, dead horse …