Obama likes China too much

Reader Input
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The best revelation of the beliefs of President Obama is his comparison of the United States to China in his State of the Union address. This is not the first time he has said that we should admire the accomplishments of China. To compare our free society, including our Constitution, elections, free speech, freedom of information, etc. to a completely Communist dictatorship does show his true feelings for this country. No other president has ever said that China has ever done anything that the people of the United States should emulate. The killings and treatment of the Chinese people by their leaders in the last century and by their control of information to the people in this century should certainly give pause as to why and how anyone would admire that country for anything. Since their leaders do not need to consider the will of the people, there is of course no opposition to any of their decisions. That is what President Obama admires, as he has stated. You cannot admire only one aspect without also including the means to achieve it. So far we are still a free people and unfortunately for President Obama, we still have free choices of our leaders and what they may do to us and for us. BERTHA K. STEGEMAN, Auburn