Obama a mere wannabe

Reader Input
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I was under the impression when Obama campaigned for president that he was asking for the job. I must have misunderstood the situation. He must have been the new young “American royalty,” inheriting the presidency, and I just did not get the memo. Current polls indicate the American people are realizing he and his minions are incompetent and can only continue the campaign of promises. A true leader would make it perfectly clear that it was his presidency, his economy and his wars on the afternoon of Jan 20. A genuine leader knows he did not “inherit” anything. He ran for the office, he asked for the responsibility. And once he got it, it is all his from that moment on. You never heard a previous leader complain about his predecessor! A wannabe leader does what Obama does. He goes on as long as he can before taking responsibility. He blames everyone who came before for the mess he “inherited.” Obama was a U.S. Senator before being elected president. He did not arrive in Washington from some distant land. If there were problems when he arrived, then as a member of the Senate, he bears some responsibility for what he “inherited,” and holds himself accountable. Do not hold your breath waiting for Obama to make any of the statements you attribute to true leader of all America. He is too busy conducting a war with Fox News, talk radio, insurance companies, all conservatives and most productive people in the country while exciting the ambitions of our enemies! John T. Nightingale, Auburn