Obama not a proper citizen

Reader Input
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Thank you Mr. (John Albert) Dummett, Jr. (Reader Input, Aug. 12). Mr. (Barack) Obama is not a natural-born citizen as described by Article 2, Section 1, Clause 5, of our Constitution. He is a usurper and should be removed from office. But therein lies the problem. It was only because of fraud and perjury committed by Nancy Pelosi that placed him on the ballot. Congress is well aware of the problem removing him would cause. Heads would roll because he was not properly vetted and they are aware it would bring down many members of Congress. The Hawaiian Department of Health was served a subpoena to obtain Barack Obama’s birth records and they refused to release them. They will have to show cause on Sept. 14. I firmly believe they do not have his birth records and if they do they show a foreign birth. They have also retracted their statement that he was natural-born. Mr. Obama was born a dual citizen and was not eligible to run for president. The birth certificate he was showing on the Internet is a computer generated document and is phony. He has to be removed from office. Bob Velon, Penryn