Obama a poor excuse of a man

Reader Input
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I keep reading about how much people hate Walmart. I’m no fan of Walmart or Walmart trucks crowding our Interstate 80 and there is nothing I or anybody can do about them settling their junk all over the place. Walmart is not alone when it comes to seeing China-built merchandise. It is being sold in our small stores, also. When is the last time you went tire shopping? American-made tires are twice the cost. The only difference between you shopping at a big store versus a small mom and pop store is you pay more at the mom and pop. The merchandise is built at the same place. As long as we have a useless clown in office this importing from China will continue. My dad used to tell me, “If you’re working with somebody, always pick up the heavy end.” Our president won’t pick up either end. He is a poor excuse of a man. KNIGHT WAGNER, Colfax