Obama a poor US president

Reader Input
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(Barack) Obama is a terrible president for many reasons. His rise to fame is a huge mystery to many. First of all, he was an unknown, inexperienced junior with absolutely no accomplishments. Also, he desires change just for the sake of change, yet he doesn’t let us know how this is going to happen. Ever since he became president, unemployment has risen by 1.5 percent, and prices of food and gas have been skyrocketing. What’s even worse is he thinks raising the taxes on our necessities will lead to a world of prosperity. The only reason why he needs to raise these taxes is because he put America $2.7 trillion further in debt. As a president, you would expect him to have a good childhood without drugs or alcohol, but it turns out in an autobiography he wrote (“Dreams From My Father”) he used to snort cocaine and smoke marijuana. Although I am saying he is a bad president, he still is a good man, and should still be recognized for trying. JONATHAN MICHAEL CHESS, student, Auburn