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Obama should seek to be honest in office

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Advice to newly elected President Barack Obama: Try to be honest. For what we have seen from our political mercenaries from both parties, it has become almost impossible for them to be or do what they preach. They do not practice “honesty.” As an example, we have our Sen. Dianne Feinstein and her husband Richard Blumm — the first greedy politicians to take American industries to be manufactured in China, because union wages were too high in America. When they were going to be exposed to the senate, they transfered or sold to a third party to avoid future political problems in her re-election. Now we have the real worst president America ever had —Jimmy Carter, who gave China control of the Panama Canal. Third in line is our pervert president Bill Clinton, the benefactor of the poor with Chinese contributions for his conferences in China. All this with the help of our blind media and press that ignored those acts. No wonder China is now considered the third richest country in the world. Fritz Gosalvez Auburn