Obama, show us you’re the man

Reader Input
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It always amazes me how Ginny and Bob Mock can trumpet the triumphs of Barack Obama when he has largely failed as president (Reader Input, June 24). How about the “shovel-ready” projects he bragged about? He makes it a joke now, but it is a tragedy for those who are saddled with the debts produced by his runaway spending in the name of shovel-ready projects. FDR had more young men in the CCC than in the U.S. Army, but it never budged the low unemployment rate. In the spring of 1939, the unemployment rate was 20 percent and never went down to single digits during that decade. Obama is an utter failure where it counts. Virtually everything he has done resulted in very little for the economy or for the unemployment rate. The Mocks strike me as near-sighted do-gooders who are quite like Obama. That is one of the problems as Obama thinks he is somehow divine, or has supernatural powers. What about good, old-fashioned common sense? This president has managed the painful “no progress” in new domestic oil development, and for what reason? Continuing to make us Middle Eastern slaves to the Arab sheiks is wrong. Mr. Obama, show us for a change that you are really the man, get the new pipeline from Canada built now and stop reliance on OPEC. Your studies show that the line is “shovel ready.” Dale Smith, Auburn