Obama steering us into the abyss

Reader Input
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I must disagree with Mr. (Will) Smythe (Reader Input, Aug 29) in his assessment of our president. President Bush made mistakes as president but it was a Democratic Congress the last four years of his term that caused many of the problems. It was the Democrats, (Chris) Dodd and (Barney) Franks, that insisted banks lend to everyone whether they could qualify to buy the house or not that led to the housing collapse which was made worse by rising oil prices. This led to the current recession which Obama continues to blame on Bush. Since taking office, President Obama has done the exact opposite of what history has proven will take us out of a recession. If he had done nothing, we would be in better shape than we are now. Instead he has spent us into oblivion. He pulled every trick in the book to pass a healthcare plan that America did not want that will lower the quality of healthcare while costing more and is causing employers not to hire. Arizona needs the borders closed and all they got was a lawsuit because Mr. Obama sided with Mexico instead of protecting our country as he swore to do. Now he has apologized to the UN of all places for our human rights faults. Companies are not hiring with fears of the cost of healthcare, regulations and taxes and until they hire, we will be in a recession or worse. Why are Americans up in arms? These are just a few of the things that this man has done to destroy us. We want our country back, the country our forefathers and fathers fought for. Ann Laman, Auburn