Obama steers a true course

Reader Input
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Mr. Mike Michaelsen, who consistently attacks our president, now claims he is “out of step,” (Reader Input, Aug. 17) Fortunately, we elect our presidents to deal with some tough problems, not to please malcontents like Michaelsen. Obama must deal with some nightmare problems left over from the Bush-Cheney-Karl Rove crowd. Some of his proposed solutions are scary, unpopular and tough. Some are a bitter pill indeed for those few who have prospered at the expense of the many that are now hurting. Just listen to them howling on the AM talk shows and on Fox! Yet I believe Obama is generally on the right course. A thriving economy, comprehensive health care, a more secure Middle East, greater protection for consumers and small investors — these are admirable goals which our previous administration missed or steered clear of. And if these are accomplished (even partially), then future generations will recognize the courage of Obama and the correctness of his choices. Out of step, Mike? In 1776, a majority of the American colonists did not favor independence from Great Britain. In 1860, most Northerners did not want a bloody war to force the South to stay in the Union. In 1939, most Americans opposed Roosevelt’s efforts to support England, fearing it might antagonize Hitler. In the past we were lucky enough to have had leaders who had the courage to make tough choices and do the right thing – even if it meant they were not keeping in lockstep with the Rush Limbaughs, the Sarah Palins and the Mike Michaelsens. WILL SMYTHE, Sacramento, (Journal reader, former resident)