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Obama win doesn’t wipe away Bush misdeeds

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OK Rich De Shon (Your Views Jan. 23), what would make you happy? George W. Bush and his administration were in power during one of most destructive, money grabbing, treasury emptying periods in our country’s history and Jack Sanchez (Your Views, Jan. 22) and many others want them held accountable for their actions. By your way of thinking, the Enron gang and Mr. Made-off (Bernie Madoff) should be allowed to remain free even after bilking citizens of billions in illegal corporate fraud and thievery. Bush and Cheney not only bankrupt the U.S. Treasury, but they dragged us into an illegal, unjust and unnecessary war in Iraq based on lies, half truths and made-up intelligence. They outed a CIA operative, illegally spied on innocent citizens and tortured numerous individuals whose innocence has been established. What exactly would it take for you to see that these men trampled on our Constitution, broke numerous laws and are in fact guilty of war crimes against humanity? The USA is a signator and supporter of numerous international treaties that make it a crime to torture anyone, regardless of what we think they may or may not have done. Just because Obama won the election, that does not excuse the last administration’s actions. We need to send a message to future presidents and the world that we are a people of laws and that nobody is above those laws, not even our people in power. That is why we are still a great nation after 232 years of democratic rule. Stan Guido Auburn