Obama worst since Carter

Reader Input
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Re: “President a strong leader,” by Bob and Ginny Mock (Reader Input, June 23). President is a strong leader? You have to be kidding me, right? This president is the worst so-called leader since Jimmy Carter. What does this couple see, that the majority of Americans now see as a weak leader? An apologist for the United States, a sitting president that bad mouths the former president, a president that has no plan to get the economy moving, squandering billions of taxpayer money to banks, savings and loans, the automotive industry and ramming down the throats of Americans a health care plan that the majority did not want. I have to ask you, America, how is that “Hope and change” working for you? Dream on, America. One day you have to reckon with this and come to the sad reality that you got it wrong, electing this incompetent president, that cannot be named in the same breath as strong leaders, i.e. Winston Churchill, Lincoln, FDR and Reagan. Obama, strong leader? No way! Robert Moggridge, Loomis