Obamacare brings calamity

Reader Input
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With coercion, arm-twisting and many bribes, our Democratic Congress has passed Obamacare which will be one of the worst calamities our country has seen. Yes, we all agree that health care needs reform but it doesn’t need this government takeover to accomplish it. There were many ideas suggested to help bring costs down step by step and help the uninsured have insurance. They could have been done at no cost to the taxpayer. These were all ignored in favor of lawyers who benefit greatly and unions as well as the many radical leftists we have in our government. The mandates they put on insurance companies will make sure either that they go out of business or are taken over by the government in the future. Once that happens, there will be no turning back. This bill will break the country financially. It will, also, end the marvelous healthcare we now have and the newest innovations and discoveries that we benefit from. Of course, care will have to be rationed as there is not enough money and will not be enough doctors to care for the sick. Ann Laman, Auburn