Observations of Occupiers

Reader Input
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I want to thank Dave Hungerford (Reader Input, Nov. 22) for his response to my letter. My concern was with (Occupy Auburn) parking as I had a difficult time finding a parking place and talked about it with a business owner and personnel concerning that issue. We spoke about the protest and how many of the parked cars were part of that assembly. As I drove past the group, it was obvious that (people on) the front line that had signs were young, with a few exceptions. The only sign I caught driving by at 15 mph between vehicles on a green light was the honk sign and the person with it was an older women. They (front line) were all hollering, I don’t find that unusual or objectionable but I noted it in my original letter. I do believe my letter did more good than harm. Thank you, Patricia Grenfell (Reader Input, Nov. 22). I apologize for my generality concerning the dress code. Mike Monahan, Auburn