Observe civility regarding vote

Reader Input
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I object to the “editorial” you published on March 25. You publish Kathleen Parker’s views without regard to fact or reason, as if it is interesting or even worthwhile for our consideration. This woman never stated what part of the health care reform bill she didn’t like, nor what part was offensive to pro-life citizens. She merely abused Congressman Stupak for holding out for the status quo on abortion rights — and winning what he set out to accomplish. Since he got the commitment of the president to restate and enforce the current laws on abortion, she says all sorts of negative things about this man. Now people are threatening his and others’ lives because they stood up and succeeded in holding the law of the land where it is, while passing reasonable and bi-partisan health care reform. There was no mention of what language that is supposedly in the Senate bill that allowed funding for abortion — because there isn’t any. We did not have such violent threats and acts when George Bush took us to war on shaky ground. There were many of us who did not agree, but we did not get violent against our elected officials — we merely showed Bush for who he was. Find some humility in the fact that the majority want the changes that are happening, and that even if you don’t agree, we are in a country where the majority wins. Richard Warren, Auburn