Occupy OPEC starts here

Reader Input
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When it comes to occupying Wall Street, Oakland, Sacramento and vomiting and crapping on the grass which is nowhere peaceful, they could make themselves more useful by occupying OPEC/Saudi Arabia and other foreign oil distributors and do their business over there. Can you dig it? Since 1910 when most of us were hanging on a Christmas tree and our parents were walking around in diapers, our grandparents then should have taken action on new sources of energy. Recently offshore oil drilling was attempted and turned out to be a big costly failure. Since fall 1973 when we had our first oil embargo, gas prices and heating oil prices have skyrocketed, causing gas prices to jump from 40 cents a gallon to $4 a gallon; heating oil prices to jump from 50 cents a gallon to $4 a gallon, and jet fuel and other fuel including diesel fuel to quadruple. Groceries and cargo delivered to stores by semi-trucks (Peterbilts) has also quadrupled. OPEC was born in 1910. The average American worker has to hold down three $8.50 an hour jobs to survive. I think its time for Occupy Wall Street to occupy OPEC and do their camping and pottying in Saudi Arabia and other foreign oil distributors. Since the birthday of the automobile and freeways has begun people have taken vacations and trips to see relatives and also demonstrated that America was the land of freedom and golden opportunity. Where is the golden opportunity now? It’s not. Thank you. Thank you. PAUL ANDREW PEASE, Grass Valley