Octogenarian dislikes Obama

Reader Input
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Reading Carol Wallgren’s letter I cannot believe it (Reader Input, Dec. 4). First of all, the president in Washington has done nothing for our country. All he has done is travel all over the world in Air Force One. Tell me who pays for that? Us! Second: So-called First Lady talks about obese people in the U.S. We should learn to eat properly. It is none of her business how people are. She should shut her mouth. Also who pays for her to fly to Africa with her mother and children on vacation? Third: For our veterans and loved ones. He only once showed up at our national cemeteries. He was flying around to other countries or was on so-called vacation. The vice president stood in for him. I am 81 years old and all I can say is this is the worst president we ever had and our country has gone to hell. We are the United States of America, not United Nations of America. Last: What about all our homeless, for prices of tuition for our students and loss of jobs? Good president, ha, ha. God bless America. DEE NANN, Christian Valley