Offer to repaint speed limit signage

Reader Input
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This is a response to “Cal Trans studies options for intersection,” (Journal, Aug. 30) by Bridget Jones. All of us who travel Highway 49 north of Auburn know that after the posted 65 miles per hour sign most cars, within seconds, mercilessly reach 70 to 75 miles per hour. I find it ironic that lowering the speed is never mentioned in the Cal Trans “study.” Here is my simple speed and time calculation. There is a three mile distance from and to the Lone Star Road from the Auburn “start the race” sign. To get on or off this section is extremely dangerous. With a speed of 65 mph it takes 2.769 minutes, with 50 mph 3.6 minutes and with a speed of 45 mph four minutes to travel this distance. Is our safety worth a minute or shall we wait until the death-toll will qualify us for a solution? I am offering to re-paint the signs to 45 mph speed limit. The cost will be zero, the results priceless! Al Schieder, Auburn