Officers wrangle horses

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A tragedy was averted Tuesday morning when CHP officers managed to round up two horses walking on westbound Interstate 80. Several motorists called 9-1-1 around 7:40 a.m. to report the horses walking in the freeway traffic lanes near Gold Run, reported Gold Run Area CHP Commander John Arrabit. Fortunately, the rapid response of Gold Run Area CHP officers along with Dutch Flat farrier Sean North prevented a tragedy. CHP officers slowed freeway traffic while North captured the loping equines and returned them to the nearby corral where the gate had been left open. “A collision with one of these large animals would have been disastrous for vehicle occupants and the horse,” said Arrabit. “This is yet another reminder of the many hazards drivers can encounter while traveling on mountain freeways and highways.” Arrabit reminds motorists to “expect the unexpected and to keep a watchful eye far down the path of your intended course of travel.” The owners were not cited, but were warned that loose animals can result in significant exposure to civil liability should someone get hurt, Arrabit concluded.