Ollar-Burris took the fall for lot-splitting land barons

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So Michelle Ollar-Burris takes one for the team. It’s too bad for her that this is an election year. She should have taken a deal earlier. She used her influence to profit. Sure, it is unfair but, if she didn’t commit a crime, what’s the hubbub? The rural areas, especially in the Sierra, are prone to quartering. These illegitimate subdivisions can’t be illegal or they are going to need a bigger jail. The grand jury should take a look at the lot split maps for the last 10 years in Nevada and Placer counties. They will find that individuals, real estate agents and broker groups have been doing this for quite some time. This has unfairly affected affordable housing in this area while blighting the areas with overtaxed resources and deteriorating infrastructure. Schools have to close as the elite hole up in their enclaves, coming forth only to vote against taxing themselves to pay for things they don’t feel benefits them while the rest of us contribute to their elitist ghettos. I think a solution to this is to put affordable housing units in the same numbers and the same areas as those with multiple lot splits. While O.B. is being torn to pieces in public the other land barons are worrying whether they will be noticed. Charles E. Robb Auburn