Olympics had its hits and misses

Reader Input
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In my opinion, track and field and indoor volleyball are excellent spectator sports while beach volleyball, on the other hand, is much too slow and boring. NBC devoted more TV than necessary to the beach version although I (brief-ly) understand why. Speaking of coverage, I do not care for the swooning of major sport stars over other athletes during the dash events. Totally disproportionate. Liked gymnastics although, again, NBC felt obliged to stick the cameras in the girls’ faces at every turn. They couldn’t walk in a straight line without dodging cameramen. Are there too many swimming events? Seems to last forever. (Michael) Phelps is an unbelievable athlete but, again, the constant swooning by NBC got tiring. Phelps may be the most winning Olympian but Ashton Eaton is the very best athlete, having won the decathlon. Got a little tired of athletes draping their country’s flag over their shoulders. Rowing is an interesting sport. Very fluid and graceful. I have seen international coverage of table tennis and badminton in the past but not this Olympics. Incredible spectator sports. I wonder just how many Americans have had an opportunity to witness these fast moving events. Water polo looks like a brutal sport, mostly hidden underwater. From a spectator point of view I found it uninteresting. Basketball is my favorite sport having played up until junior college years but both the men and women versions held nothing for me due to the overwhelming dominance. I understand the IOC eliminated softball because the American women were much too dominant; I wonder whether they will do the same with basketball? Probably not. Kent Campbell, Auburn