One illness from bankruptcy

Reader Input
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Every time I think about the passage of the health care reform bill I find myself feeling excited, not just for myself but for everyone in America. For too long insurance companies have run rampant through our health care system, raising havoc with costs while crippling our doctors’ desire to care for those who need it most, regardless of a bottom line. This issue has plagued our nation for too long and I want to thank all those who showed the courage it took to buck big interests by voting for it. I am saddened to see this victory tarnished by the attack campaign that embattles our nation, creating unneeded division. They play on the fears of my fellow Americans who are already so challenged by the need for so much change, so quickly, in order to turn our country around. Health care, as it stands now, will be the ruin of our country. I need only look at my soaring premiums as well as the actual medical costs to know something needs to give. If it does not, we will continue to be one of millions just one serious illness away from bankruptcy. Tell me, how many of you reading this have done your own digging? How many know only what your favorite news show says? Marilyn Shrum, Newcastle