One letter clear, another less so

Reader Input
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First, I would like to commend Julann Brown for her comments on local school fundraising (Reader Input, Nov. 25). I had the privilege a few years ago to serve with her briefly on the Auburn Unified Elementary School District budget committee, and she knows whereof she speaks. In those days, we worked on the Measure V proposal, which was similar to the recent Measure L, and similarly failed. Apparently, people would rather let their local school system fail while they camp outside Best Buy and wonder why their property values are falling. Second, I understood everything about Ms. (Deborah) Searles-Todd’s “Open letter to Pres. Obama” except the title (Reader Input, Nov. 25). As I read it, she is concerned that her Social Security has not been raised in two years and that her medical costs are too high, but I don’t get what President Obama has to do with either. The “Obamacare” bill was designed and intended to provide affordable health care for all, and to ensure that none would go without coverage. The Democrats have been the main proponents of Social Security since its inception, so I’m not sure what Obama has to do with that complaint either, and I for one will be sorely disappointed if Mr. (John) Boehner gets his way and the Social Security “safety net” that I and my employers have paid into on my elders’ behalf for the last 30 years isn’t there to support me. Chris Benson, Auburn