Only voters can save services

Reader Input
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On the June 5 election, Measure E will be submitted to the voters from the (Placer Hills Fire Protection) district. This measure asks for an additional $79 per year from each home in the fire district. These monies are needed in order to offset the serious losses in income that the economic downturn and decreased home values have caused. For the last few fiscal budget years, we have used our reserves to balance our budgets. We have cut spending to the bone, have not purchased essential equipment and most importantly, have not filled two vacant paramedic/firefighter positions. If we continue to use our limited reserves, we likely will be forced to cut our service from two staffed stations to one. This drastic step will double our response times from six minutes to 12 minutes. Our ability to effectively contain fires and have a positive outcome on medical emergencies will be greatly impacted. Additionally, a decrease in our level of service will likely increase everyone?s insurance costs. We are well aware of the economic difficulties everyone is facing. The truth is we will never replace our reduced level of funding unless the people choose to do so for us. Only the voters in our district can save their vital emergency services. Please, help us to help you. Ian Gow, Colfax