Open Bohemia site EIR again

Reader Input
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As a member of APACE and the person who researched the ?voluntary cleanup? done on the Bohemia site in 2007 for a subdivision project, I receive correspondence from the Department of Toxic Substances Control. I recently received a letter from DTSC reiterating the determination for Walmart to enter into a voluntary cleanup agreement to test for dioxins/furans at the Bohemia site based on information provided to the DTSC and California Department of Public Health. On Dec. 20, 2007, the DTSC filed a ?no further action? determination, indicating the finding was based on no health hazards associated with past uses of hazardous materials at the project site. When APACE questioned the cleanup, the DTSC reversed its 2007 decision. This unwitnessed ?voluntary cleanup? involved excavation and removal of several sealed drums and 178 cubic yards of soil; (140 cubic yards transported via ?non-hazardous manifest? and 38 cubic yards transported under ?hazardous waste manifest.?) That amount of dirt is equivalent to 12 end-dumps with a 15-yard capacity or nine truck-trailer rigs with a 20-yard capacity. Regulations require posting of signs for the duration of soil disturbance activities and at locations visible to persons passing the site when adjacent to publicly accessed areas. Signs were not posted along Canal Street. Section 14 of the EIR was in part predicated on the above ?voluntary cleanup.? Please encourage Supervisor Jennifer Montgomery to re-open and recirculate the EIR for this site as the public has a legal right to provide input into the section of the EIR concerning hazards and wastes. Lari L. Knedel, Auburn