Open letter to Lindsay Mulsow

Reader Input
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(Placer County Office of Education board candidate) Lindsay, never apologize for your youth (Journal, Aug. 18)! You can read, think, do the math. You are bright and intelligent, a leader, high school graduate with some college. Just maybe some of your ideas need to be thrown into the arena of the Placer County Office of Education Board and considered. Seasoned and 60 does not ensure right thinking. I support your run for county school board! I urge others to do the same. What do I know? I’m a 40-year veteran of the California classroom. I’ve taught in four districts in the state. I’ve taught minorities, majorities, and as I looked out over that sea of eager young faces I saw the potential of a doctor, pastor, CPA, auto repairman, plumber, electrician, contractor who might build my house. I saw students with values taught by loving parents, students like you, Lindsay. Go Lindsay! Don’t be intimidated by your opponent whose crude comment proves we need a fresh face. If school boards want the respect of the youth they govern, then they must role model respect, not irritation or doubt that you “don’t know what you are getting into.” CHRISTINE PHILLIPS, Auburn