Open positions allow input

Mayor encourages residents to have impact on community
By: Bridget Jones, Journal Staff Writer
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Residents can be a part of Auburn’s history and behind-the-scenes work by applying to some opening volunteer positions. Mayor Bridget Powers said she encourages residents to get involved. “As a community member or as a citizen of the city of Auburn, there are opportunities for you to make a difference on the decisions that are made that help shape the city, decide how it operates, and its overall well being,” Powers said. “When the community is part of the decisions, take for example the historian or arts commission member, they play a crucial role that shapes how our history is reported, or what type of artwork goes into our community.” According to Assistant City Clerk Amy Lind there are five seats available on the Economic Development Commission. Auburn business representatives and two residents from the community will fill three of these seats. The commission has several responsibilities including creating jobs in both existing and new businesses, championing assistance to local businesses, encouraging doing business locally, acting as liaison between the City Council and business associations in matters of funding and related requests and more, according to city documents. The positions have two-year terms. Six seats are open on the Endurance Capital Committee. Three seats are reserved for members of the business community and three for local residents, according to Lind. The responsibilities of the committee include raising awareness and encouraging endurance, athletic and outdoor sporting activities that take place around Auburn, promoting a healthier lifestyle in Auburn, working with coordinators and sponsors to organize events that enhance Auburn, promoting the city as a destination point for athletic and outdoor sports and more, according to city documents. The positions have four-year terms. Although anyone can apply to the Endurance Capital Committee positions, at least two of its members, and two of the City Council members who serve on it, must be residents of the city. The Auburn Arts Commission currently has two seats available. The city wants applicants to be knowledgeable in the arts, Lind said. Responsibilities of Arts Commissioners include promoting art awareness and encouraging private initiatives in the arts, recommending protection, maintenance and alteration of city-owned artworks, working to help organize art festivals and contests, acting as a liaison between the City Council and community members and groups on issues regarding artwork in the city and more, according to city documents. These positions have four-year terms. The city is also accepting applications for Auburn’s City Historian, Lind said. The City Historian’s responsibilities include collecting, identifying, classifying and evaluating historical items related to Auburn and surrounding areas, maintaining existing pieces of Auburn’s history, providing historical displays and exhibits, giving talks to those interested in Auburn’s history and more, according to city documents. Desired qualifications for the position include a bachelor’s degree in related coursework or four years of full-time experience, ability to evaluate how certain factors impact historical resources, ability to write and speak effectively and basic computer skills, according to city documents. This position has a four-year term. Those interested in applying can download and fill out an application from the city’s website at by following the Applications and Forms tab on the left side of the site. Applicants can also visit the City Clerk’s office in Room 8 at Auburn City Hall on Lincoln Way. For more information, call Lind at (530) 823-4211, ext. 112. City Councilman Mike Holmes said new guidelines have defined the City Historian’s position, which might make it more attractive for numerous applicants. “We just recently established some criteria for the City Historian position,” Holmes said. “The current City Historian … was appointed with no clear criteria as to what the duties, responsibilities were. There are a number of people in the Auburn area who are interested in the city of Auburn … and I’m hoping we get some additional applicants.” Councilman Keith Nesbitt said there would also be some positions opening up for the Streetscape History and Art Advisory Committee in the future, but no information is available now. Reach Bridget Jones at