Oppose charter for better town

Reader Input
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Last weekend, Kevin Hanley claimed that the effort to grant himself more power was somehow “home grown” (“Measure A — Fighting for Auburn’s future,” Point/Counterpoint, April 15).
That’s certainly not the line he was spinning back in 2010, when he told the Journal that a special interest group called “Associated Builders and Contractors” (or ABC) gave him the idea for this charter. ABC’s own Sacramento lobbyist confirmed as much when he wrote a letter to the Journal last September in support of the charter.
I think Mr. Hanley owes the people of Auburn a better explanation. Who is really behind Measure A, and why do the lobbyists over at ABC love it so much? Why wasn’t a citizen advisory group allowed to review the charter before it was rushed onto to the ballot? Who really benefits if it passes?
Several former Auburn mayors, our current city clerk the former president of the League of Placer County Taxpayers have each cited cost and the potential for corruption as valid reasons to oppose Measure A.
The recent arrest of Placerville Mayor (David) Machado shows that given the right circumstances, small towns are certainly not immune to corruption, and we already know about the numerous scandals that have plagued other charter cities.
Seems to me having a charter under Measure A would only make it easier for these kinds of problems to come to Auburn. That’s why I’m voting “no.”
Leslye Janusz, Auburn